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John Morrison Cornell University PhD graduate John Morrison at Sports Betting Champ has discovered a spectacular sports betting system that he has used to produce an astonishing 97% winning rate on all of his sports bets. For the first time ever, John has made his revolutionary sports betting system available to a limited number of individuals.

You can now gain access to the same betting system that has netted him over $2,745,000 over the years.

Inside you will learn:

- A simple, flawless betting system for winning bets for all your sports picks.

- All picks will be emailed to you when they come up. You can expect about 80 games per season. 80 x 1000 = $80,000 ( You can easily make this)

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- You need ZERO experience in betting and ZERO knowledge about sports picks.

- You will receive all sports picks with this system for your entire life!


Check out the Real RESULTS from just one of his Sportbook accounts... In just August 2010 alone he've banked in $185,819.80 - Proof below!

sports betting champ .com

An amazing sports betting system with real winning sports picks! That's a whopping $185,819.80 John have been paid in the last month from his winnings! This is the kind of income John consistently makes month-after-month with this sports betting system! Read more about his system and his guides:

NFL Betting System and Betting Tips

- A Sports Betting Champ guide


Please let me to introduce myself. My name is John Morrison, a statistics doctorate out of Cornell University, and proud owner of Sports Betting Champ .com. For many years I've been making a living online by betting on sports. A number of years ago, I've developed a foolproof baseball (MLB) and basketball (NBA) betting system that has netted me incredible 97%-100% winning percentage on all my bets. I'll get in on some juicy details about my astonishing discovery in the later part of this manual. First I want to introduce you to the world of sport betting and how easy it is to make a fascinating amount of income in as little as minutes a day.

If you have never bet on sports before, it's never too late to get started. People bet on sports all over the world for many reasons. Some bet on sports just for fun, some bet on their favorite teams to add to their excitement, then there are others, like myself, who bet on sports solely for one simple reason: to make money. As a statistician, I've had the wonderful opportunity to study the data of all the major sporting leagues over the last century in a pursuit to develop a foolproof sport betting system.

Where you live is the least of any worries in sport betting. Regardless of where you're located in the world, or whatever walks of life you may be under, you can open an online betting account and begin wagering on sports.

Before I even go into the details on how you can access my MLB and NBA betting systems, I'll take a moment to provide you with some free tips on how to be successful at betting. In addition, I'll even reveal to you my NFL betting system that has consistently netted me a 60%+ winning percentage for the last 10 years!

Setting Up A Sportsbook Account

As one of the highest grossing bettors ever, I have been granted an exclusive 55% bonus deposit promotional code that you can use to earn an unheard-of 55% bonus on your first deposit at I was able to obtain this promotion code to share with my friends and family because I've been one of the highest grossing bettors at BetUs.

Lets say for example that you have $5000 you want to deposit into your betting account - this means that you'll receive $2750 in free money for no work involved! Now, you don't have to have $5000 or more. If all you have is $3000, or $1000, or $500 or even less you can get started as well. However, it's a good idea to deposit as much as you possibly can on your first deposit because you'll earn a 55% bonus on that first deposit only. Therefore, I'd suggest that you try your best to make as high of a deposit as possible when you first fund your account to take maximum advantage of the promotion.

Here are the exact instructions on how you can take advantage of the special promotional code to earn yourself a 55% bonus on your first deposit:

1. Call BetUS at 1-800-620-1905

2. Ask to be transferred to Bruce of extension 2721. Note: If Bruce is out for the day, then ask to be transferred to Amy at extension 2604. If they're both away and you're not able to get a hold of either of them, then just call back at another time. If you sign up with anyone else, you will not be able to apply the promotional code.

3. When speaking to Bruce (or Amy if Bruce is out), just say that you want to sign up, and that you have a promotional code with you. Give him the promo code: 381895

If you give him the promotional code 381895, he will then provide you with a 55% bonus on your first deposit. Make sure you speak to either Bruce or Amy because no one else at BetUs will be able to apply the promotional code for you except for them.

For your convenience, here are the hours (in Eastern Time) when Bruce or Amy works:

Monday: Bruce 11AM-7PM; Amy 8AM-7PM
Tuesday: Bruce 11AM-7PM; Amy 8AM-4PM
Wednesday: Bruce 11AM-7PM; Amy OFF
Thursday Bruce OFF; Amy 10AM-7PM
Friday Bruce 11AM-9PM; Amy 10AM-7PM
Saturday Bruce 8AM-9PM ; Amy 8AM-4PM
Sunday Bruce 11AM-4PM ; Amy 8AM-3PM

Also, if you are located outside of the USA and need to know how to dial to BetUs's toll-free number, you can check on for dialing instructions.

Now that you have your online sports betting account set up, you can login and start wagering!

Betting Tips

If you are a complete beginner to betting, take some time to learn about the specifics of betting. The two most popular ways to bet are on the money line and the point spread.

To put it simply: if you are betting on the money line, then you are betting for the team to outright win. If the team wins, then you win the bet. If the team loses, you also lose. The money line has different odd values for all the games. This means you'll win more money when betting on an underdog team to win, and less when betting on the favorite.

The other popular type of bet is the point spread. The point spread is a form of handicapping in which oddsmakers predict how many points a stronger team can be expected to defeat a weaker team. So if you bet on a team that has a +3 in the point spread, this means that even if this team loses the game by 2 points, you will still win the bet. Similarly, if the team you're betting on has a -4 point spread, then in order for you to win your bet, this team has to defeat the other team by more than 4 points in their game.

Here are some free tips I can give you when betting:

Tip #1 - Money Management

Money management is a very important aspect of betting. You must keep in mind that you should never bet more than you can afford to lose. Once you lose money, it's easy to fall into the trap of chasing your losses, which can severely affect your betting performance negatively in a short period.

Never bet your entire bankroll in any one bet. To be successful as a sport bettor, you should spread out your bets and work your way through a multitude of games, rather than pressing your luck on just one specific bet that can wipe out your bankroll. If you have $5000 in your account, betting $700 each on 7 games is a much better idea than betting $5000 on any one game. Know how to manage your money and you will thank yourself later on.

Tip #2 - Never Gamble While Under the Influence

In the Las Vegas casinos, you'll receive an endless supply of free drinks while you gamble. Why would the casinos squander away free drinks for you at their expense? That's because the casino knows that alcohol will cloud your judgment, and often pushes you to make impulsive decisions that you normally wouldn't think about. To be successful at sport betting, you need to function with a sober mind. It's a good idea to stay away from betting when you've had too much to drink.

Tip #3 – When in Doubt, Play the Home Dogs

Betting on the underdog playing at home has consistently proved to be a quite successful basic betting strategy. When a team is playing at home, they are pushed by the crowd to perform much better than their normal capabilities. You'll find that more often than not, underdogs will find a way to cover the spread and win you the bet.

Tip #4 - Time Your Bets

The point spread does change throughout the course of the day/week. If you are going to bet on an underdog, the best time to bet would be as late as possible. If you are going to bet on the favorite, the best time to place your bet would be as early as you can. Of course, this strategy doesn't work 100% of the time, however it's a good rule of thumb that you can apply toward most instances.

NFL Betting System

Here's an NFL Football betting system that I've developed and tested over the last 10 years for consistency. You can expect to win at least 60% of the time using my betting method:

1. Take a look at the NFL schedule for the week and see who are the underdogs playing at home. Click here for a good site to check for the NFL schedule.

2. For the underdog team playing at home, take note of the team they are playing against. What you want to do now is compare the stadium surface of the team playing at home against the stadium surface that the away team is used to be playing on. Click here for a good place where you can check the surfaces of all the NFL teams' stadiums.

3. If the underdog team playing at home is playing on a different type of surface than the away team's home stadium, then bet for the home underdog team in the line spread to win.

Basically, the betting strategy here is to bet on the underdog team playing at home versus a team that is not used to be playing on that stadium's surface type. Always bet on the point spread, not the money line.

For example, if the Cleveland Browns are playing at home versus the New England Patriots, and the Browns is the underdog in the game, then you will place a straight wager bet on the Cleveland Browns in this game because the Browns's stadium has a grass surface, while the Patriots' home stadium has a turf surface. The Patriots are more used to the turf surface that they play on at home, therefore their chances of winning notably lessens when they are playing on a stadium that has a grass surface.

My NFL betting system is a very basic system that I've developed to consistently win on football betting over the long run. If you follow my betting guidelines above, you can expect to win more than 60% of the time you place your NFL bets!

NBA & MLB Betting Systems – Win Over 97% Of Your Bets!

If you thought that my NFL betting system is incredible with its 60% winning percentage, then you're going to be blown completely away with what I'm about to tell you next!

Over the last 5 years I've spent untold hours researching the sporting database in a pursuit to develop a foolproof sport betting system. Years ago, I completed my research and cracked the code to a mind-blowing MLB and NBA sport betting system that are so incredibly effective, it has gone above and beyond every one of my expectations for a dependable winning formula. Whether you're a hardcore gambler, a sport enthusiast, or just someone of no interests in betting or sports but wants to make a pile of extra cash every day doing the easiest job in the world, you'll absolutely fall in love with what I'm about to spill to you. Several times a week, I'd log into my online sports book account and make bets on the particular teams that I've statistically calculated to have an exceptionally high chance of betting success. Each win often pulls in over $600 into my account. Not bad for a 5-minute job!

I win over 97% of my NBA and MLB bets. Go back and read that again. I don't play games – out of every 50 bets I place for the basketball and baseball leagues, I win on about 49 of them!

The more success I had with my betting system, the more I felt the urge to share my remarkable experience. The greatest secret of betting profiteering struck me one day after years of scrupulous research. I practically skyrocketed my bankroll overnight, and over the course of the next few years, turned my ingenious discovery into a sadistic cash generating machine.

My betting record is a testament to just how powerful the system is. Take a look at my incredible win-loss betting record over the last several years of NBA and MLB seasons at Sports Betting Champ .com

You'll find out why under my system, sport betting is the best investment your can ever make with your money. There are a number of people out there making good livings from sport betting. There are people making tens of dollars per day. Some make several hundreds of dollars per day, and in a few rare cases, such as myself, a hell of a lot more, every single day! I've milked the sportsbooks for several thousands of dollars a day, and now I'm here to divulge to you the same golden formula that has spring-boarded me into one of the world's most profitable bettors.

I would normally never disclose my betting secret to anyone for any kind of a price. In fact, on the day I made my discovery I had thought that the only chance that I would ever even slip out any specifics of my betting system was if you held a gun right next to my head. But, with all the money I've hoarded from my winnings, I've learned that there's no reason to be such a greedy and selfish pig. For the first time ever, I've decided to make these revolutionary systems available to a limited number of individuals. You have the golden opportunity today to cash in on the most incredible sport betting systems ever. I've never been a fan of exaggeration, and I vigorously hate any hype that's blown up beyond its rational proportions. But I make no lie when I say that my monster sport betting system is truly unmatched in its winnings. The truth will surprise you just as much as it surprised me on how successful it has become. I win over 97% of the sport bets I place, and have stockpiled a mountain of unthinkable fortune on my sport bets over the years!

If you are interested in getting access to my top-secret MLB and NBA betting system, feel free to visit the website below for further details:

Sports Betting Champ .com

sports betting champ
Here's a look at John's incredible win-loss betting record since 2003

NBA Basketball:

- 2003-04 season: 68 wins - 2 Losses

- 2004-05 season: 71 wins - 3 Losses

- 2005-06 season: 66 wins - 2 Losses

- 2007-08 season: 80 wins - 1 Loss

- 2008-09 season: 79 wins - 0 Losses

- 2009-10 season: 63 wins - 0 Losses

MLB Baseball:

- 2004 season: 33 wins - 0 Losses

- 2005 season: 45 wins - 0 Losses

- 2006 season: 38 wins - 1 Loss

- 2007 season: 35 wins - 0 Losses

- 2008 season: 43 wins - 0 Losses

- 2009 season: 49 wins - 0 Losses

- Current 2010 MLB season as of 09/02/2010 : 33 wins - 1 Loss

That's an accumulated record of 795 Wins and 10 Losses
over the last 6 Years of betting!

Here is what some real life testimonials says:

"John Morrison's sports betting system has been the most phenomenal investment I have ever made. In 5 weeks, I've got 20 wins, 0 losses, and in a short a while I'm going to be making a living betting on sports!"  - Tim from Arkansas, USA

"I've been gambling on and offline for last 10 years, and until now I've never found a system that actually delivers exactly what it promises... This is the best financial decision I've made!"  - Dan from England

"You've over-delivered on your promise!...To anybody looking at the system, and wondering if they should- I'd say stop reading the testimonials, and become one of them. Every day you're not using the system, you're losing money!"  - Nick from Jamaica

"It's so great it's almost like dream, but it's reality!...and I don't know anything about sports. Nothing!"  - Michael from Sweden

"I have used many systems over the years, and none of them comes close to matching the success that I've had with John's system!"  - Tom from Scotland

"I can say without a doubt that this is the best investment I've ever made!"  - Scott from Australia

"I just bought it 3 months ago and so far in the NBA, 35-0 since I've got it... This is the best thing in the world!"  - James from Minnesota, USA

"The results are just unbelievable...All my life I've been gambling and I have never, ever seen anything like this. This is like your own ATM machine!"  - John Lester from the U.K.

John has now finally broken the silence on his ingenious sports betting system. Along with the red-hot system, John will also provide you with a lifetime of free picks, an unheard-of deposit bonus offer, a "No Ifs, Ands, or Buts Personal Guarantee" as well as a dose of other splendid incentives. Head on over to Sports Betting Champ today to take a look at this limited time offer while it's still available.

Get Instant Access to his System to Win NBA Bets, Win MLB Bets! The Best NBA, MLB and NFL Sport Picks. NBA Picks, MLB Picks, NFL Picks, College Football Picks, NCAAF Picks etc.

To Your Success,


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